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Dustin is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.

When we first meet, I wasn’t sure what to make of his genuine heartfelt enthusiasm. But after getting together a couple more times, we had sealed our fate and were never again to let each other out of sight.

Many of you know Dustin as a brilliant computer scientist who knows how to party. But I knew him as a lover of life. Dustin was an artistically talented individual who painted well, told great stories and played drums, piano and guitar. He was also a great cook. Very rarely would he cook the same thing twice. Sometimes he’d go to a restaurant as many times as possible until he figured out the recipe. There were two recipes he learned and improved this way. His guacamole and the vegan dish “the Goddess.”

Dustin also loved traveling, dining out, theater, concerts, comedy, sightseeing, fishing, skiing and of course, spending time with his family and friends. But most importantly, he loved making other people feel good. He also loved teaching people new things. Early in our relationship, he thought me how to ski without putting me through the bunny hill. I remember him telling me to try to go down and then stop, at which point I was already going down and screamed, HOW DO I STOP!? But before the day was done, we had been skiing through all these marvelous trails.

When Dustin met a new person he’d completely and devotedly try to learn about who they were and what they wanted. Dustin was great like that, very humble and a great listener. Truly, he wished everyone happiness and success.

Dustin’s boyish face may have led many to believe him to be innocent and always well mannered. But when we were together, we were two little kids, sometimes up to no good. Dustin loved to laugh, he loved being happy. Sometimes before falling asleep, we’d burst out laughing until our bellies hurt. At what you might ask? The two of us might have wondered the same thing. Being together was just that, it was fun.

Dustin loved to be teased, but not just for the sake of it. He loved plays on words, jokes, and puns; he constantly wanted to be intellectually stimulated. He actually encouraged any and all efforts for the sake of a joke. But why would I tease such a sweet boy? To hear his laugh, that contagious melody that we all have come to love. One of my favorite things was when he’d make himself laugh.

Our love was magical. Whenever we thought we couldn’t love each other more, we’d go and fall deeper in love. He was sweet, compassionate, nurturing and also very spontaneous. When I think back, it feels like we’ve been together our entire life. I already miss him so much, I miss waking up to that adorable smiling face.

Dustin, you are the love of my life, my better half, my soul mate, you are my best friend. From you I’ve learned that we should enjoy life by creating experiences, not buying things. For things can be replaced but memories live forever. You also taught me to always find a reason to smile. And though our hearts are currently aching, we need to look up to where you are, and smile.

I love you. Now. Always. Forever.

Marcio Correa – 2-23-15