Dusty 2-2

Dustin is my big brother.  We lived almost 2000 miles apart but I never felt he was that far away.  He always made me feel so loved.  He had a way of making anyone who he came in contact with feel that way.  He listened so intently and genuinely and wanted to get to know anyone he came across. He cared about getting to know my friends and my boyfriend–and I don’t mean small talk, he truly wanted to know more about the people that he knew I cared about. He was incredible in that way. If I listed all of the adjectives I think about when I think about Dusty, we would be here all day, but to name a few: sincere, caring, smiley, uplifting, kind, intelligent, motivated, funny, humble and loving.

I will forever miss our late nights out on the town, the way Dustin called me Sony, his hugs after a long time spent apart, and the way he lifted my spirits whether through a compliment, bad joke or flash of his adorable smile accompanied with the best dimples I’ve ever seen. Our family will never be the same without him. Family gatherings, trips, significant moments in the future will not feel complete. Dustin brought us so much joy and laughter to our family that it will be impossible to ignore his absence.  I know he wouldn’t want us to be sad but when you lose a bright light in your life it’s hard to imagine the brightness ever being restored.  But the wonderful memories we have of him will forever live on in our hearts and in our minds.  Over time, and through the support of our loved ones, we will find a way to go on with life, but our beloved Dustin will never ever be forgotten.